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The misuse of guns and gun violence in The united States was not much of a pressing matter until the brutal assassination of late president John.F. Kennedy. It was then when the public increased awareness to the lack of control over the sale and possession of firearms Lonely (2018) Gun violence and the misuse of guns have always existed, but it has sadly increased at an alarming rate during the twentieth and twenty-first century. Eighteen school shootings have occured since January the first, two thousand eighteen. Which brings up questions on whether our country should ban guns or create stricter laws to obtain a gun. The second amendment which is the right to bear arms was established in 1789 to protect malitas from federal established army’s. It was a right given to us to protect ourselves from danger and to protect our militias, but nowadays we no longer need a militia so the only use for the second amendment is to protect ourselves. It is rather easy to obtain a gun all you need to do is fill a form and pass a background check and you’re cleared. According to Lopez (2018) “Restrictions on purchasers are typically evaluated through a background check. Under the federal system, licensed dealers are required…show more content…
It is causing more casualties throughout the years and is gradually increasing at an alarming rate. If we don't put a stop to gun violence now and start creating stricter rules on how to obtain one then this country will soon fall into chaos. Yes guns exist to protect us and also represent control against the government, but they are also hurting our community’s. Students are afraid to go to school. Which they shouldn’t, but due to recent shootings they fear that they could be next people are living in fear when they shouldn't be. This just comes to show that we need to act now before this becomes a normal occurrence in this

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