Social Crime In 'Another 48 Hours'

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Another 48 Hours, is a crime drama based on Jack and Reggie teaming up to bring an elusive criminal, the Iceman, to justice while a pack of outlaws tries to kill them. The film stars Nick Nolte as Jack, and Eddie Murphy as Reggie (Eddie Murphy Productions, 1990). Jack (Nolte) is an anti-social cop about to lose his badge while searching for an elusive criminal called the Iceman. Reggie (Murphy), a passive criminal, has a “hit” on him by the Iceman. The outlaws that the Iceman has hired are evil, sociopaths with death and destruction paving their paths through the movie. As Jack and Reggie team up to find the Iceman, the outlaws pursue them in a ruthless fashion, killing anyone who gets in their way. Ultimately though, Jack and Reggie solve the riddle of who the Iceman is; a fellow policeman of Jacks. All the characters in the movie are in their mid-to-late 30’s, giving the impression of set characteristics. “Another 48 Hours” (Murphy, 1990)…show more content…
Anomie and strain theories are generally present within all presented in this paper. But each character(s) also showed other forms of social strain, whether legally or illegally. Farrington’s ICAP theory, applied to the outlaws, focused on how distant the initial strain affected their later total disassociation with society. Tittle’s Control Balance Theory, applied to Reggie (Murphy), also based in strain, but gives us the opportunity to see how even with anomie/strain a criminal might integrate into society. Looking at Jack (Nolte) through Agnew’s General Strain Theory, again we see the basis for anomie/strain and how this can result in someone living on the skirts of society. All three comparisons have one thing in common though, anomie and strain. To that end, it easy to infer that if a person is not provided with proper reinforcements early in life, the quality of life they will later experience will be

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