College Tuition Problem

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The Problem With College Tuition and Loans Christopher Ortiz G Band Christopher Ortiz G Band 10/4/15 College tuition is a problem that the overwhelming majority of students have to deal with. The issue that comes from students taking loans or grants from banks or even colleges themselves is that students will have to pay back that money, sometimes with interest. It is just ludicrous that a student will have to borrow money that they don’t have, only to try to pay it back with money that they still don’t have. The outrageous cost of colleges and universities in today’s world is far beyond what it’s supposed to be even with inflation. In order to solve the issue…show more content…
There are even those that say that college tuition should be mandatory because of this exact reason. When asked if college tuition should be free, republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated, “ Right now, it’s not fair. It’s one of the only places, frankly, where our country actually makes money. And they make a lot of money. And that should not take place.” As a result of college tuition costs, the U.S. government made $62.6 billion in 2012. Although the government makes a massive amount of money from college tuition, it still doesn’t reach the amount the government pays subsidizing the cost of college through grants, tax breaks, and work-study funds; that cost comes out to $69 billion. It spends another $107.4 billion on student loans. It is for this reason that the government would actually be saving money if it made college free for everyone. Yes, college should be free for everyone, but that does not mean students can go to any college. The requirements needed to gain acceptance into certain programs would still stand, to keep the prestige that many universities and colleges have worked so hard to…show more content…
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