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PSYC442 Clinical Psychology Take-Home Final Assignment Case A patient, who is 23 years old senior student, has a complaint about not using the elevator. 6 years ago, he was stuck in the elevator for 3 hours. The elevator was broken down due to the power shortage and all people were recovered from the elevator, but he developed negative beliefs like all elevators are dangerous or all of them have technical problems and not safe. Also, he tried to use 2 times, but he did not achieve to utilize so that he always uses the stairs to go where he want instead of using the elevator. However, he is willing to overcome his fears because he aware of that what he will do if there is no stairs. Besides, while he is using the elevator, he thinks the…show more content…
Besides, Hayes (2004) pointed out that cognitive therapy are utilized for the specific mental disorders in terms of revising the dysfunctional as well as faulty thoughts in order to change these thoughts with the healthy and functional thoughts and as a consequence of that clients will be aware of these thoughts which will help them to keep these thoughts away from their…show more content…
Through the cognitive rehearsal, therapist demand from the patient to remember their traumatic experience which activates the dysfunctional and irrational considerations and then they produce different ways which will be helpful for the patient when the traumatic situations will be happened again (Cradock, Cotler, & Jason, 1978). For this case, therapist can ask for the patient to imagine the elevator episode and they can talk about what patient will feel when the elevator stuck and they can produce solutions about what patients will do. First of all, they talk about the patients dysfunctional thought like I will die. For example, you will not die because when you were stuck in the elevator you did not die so that you should think that somebody will help you and you need to be calm and press the alarm button to call the rescue. Consequently, patient will learn and understand how to cope with this situation and they should continue the practice until the patient will be ready and adapt to use the coping

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