Bulk Barn Swot Analysis

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Introduction and overview of the opportunity… Bulk Barn Ltd. is Canada’s largest bulk foods retailer with stores located in every province in Canada. Established in 1982 The company currently has over 200 stores offering its customers an amazing variety of products such as soup and nuts, baking and candy-making ingredients and supplies, spices, candy, cereals, vitamins and supplements, grains snacks, dried fruits, health and natural food products and pet food. Germany has lots of American fast food chains, but hardly or no foreign bulk food chains. Germany has 29 major supermarket chains; three companies originated outside Germany, only one of these companies sell primarily bulk foods. So opening a bulk barn in Germany would be a good opportunity…show more content…
- Corruption rate is very low- Ranked 14th in 2011. - Strong Economic - Strong financial in Europe - Have the best transportation and infrastructure system - High standard of workforce with a qualified expertise, knowledge and skills Weakness - Germany has a declining birth rate - The population is too low to support a social welfare economic system which can result in labour shortage during the long run. - Too traditional (too many rules, too strict, work oriented, doesn’t like change) - Labour cost is high - Labour union is very strict - Business and industry demand in high skills employees External Opportunities - Germany is located In the middle of Europe surrounded by strong economic nations. -Rivers allow low cost transportation with ships. - Leader on making technological products. - Germany is an open market and warmly welcomes foreign investors and would welcome a Bulk barn. - The German food industry is the fourth largest industry in…show more content…
Germany has an active economy, benefits of having Germany as a business location would be the spending power, an innovative climate, its location in the center of a transport network right in the middle of Europe and highly skilled workers. The German infrastructure will also make it easy for you to set up a bulk barn with more than 230,000 km of roads, 37,000 km of railways and a modern telecommunications network will help make your business thrive. The Canadian cultural background will help attract international customers, As opposed to most Germans, you are familiar with the culture of your home country which is good because Germany is a country of immigration. In Germany you can get professional support and funding, there are numerous information centres that can help the business get

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