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E. Lockhart composed the novel We Were Liars. The novel narrated by Candence, the oldest grandchild of the Sinclair family. The Sinclair family is very wealthy and they own a private island known as Beechwood Island. Every summer, the entire family devotes their vacation on the island. However, not every summer is the equivalent. During summer fifteen Cadence got in an accident. Unfortunately, the “Liars”, which include Candence, Johnny, Gat, and Mirren, actually have a mystery they veiled until revealed at the end of the novel. During summer fifteen, Candence and Gat began to expose their feelings for each other. While the four liars were off exploring all summer, their mothers and aunts were arguing about their inheritance. Additionally,…show more content…
Their smell was faint and sweet.” (Lockhart 13). Gat and Candence spend tremendous amounts of time along this path together. They began to fall in love until Candence had her accident and caused her to miss two summers on the island. Upon her recovery from the accident, Gat had a girlfriend from his home town. She witnessed him pick some flowers which she thought we for her, but then he sent them in an addressed envelope. Even though this hurt Candence at the time, they quickly moved past it and fell right back into place from where they left off. Gat struggled with the acceptance from Candence’s Grandfather. Granddad disliked anyone of a different…show more content…
The first introduces the Sinclair family and they’re ordinarily gathered in Beechwood Island every summer. Part Two is the tragic part of the book since Granny died. Additionally, Candace had her accident, and we later learn the part of the island burned. Next, it’s Part Three; Candace is recovering from her accident, and she travels to Europe with her father. During this time, she attempted to reach out to her friends. However, she never heard anything from any of them. She never wanted them to feel sorry for what happen to her, but she could not remember if she had done anything wrong. Part Four consisted of Candace learning about the fire. The four kids, known as the Liars, made a plan to resolve all the fighting between their mothers. Consequently, they decided if they burned down the old house there would no longer be anything about which to fight. Finally, part five named “Truth.” The truth about the fire and Candace’s

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