Shortest Path Algorithm Analysis

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SHORTEST PATH ALGORITHMS Algorithm is a process which is used to solve any problem. The shortest path algorithm is an algorithm which is used to solve a problem. Now question arises which types of problem? Shortest path is quite same as the term displacement we study in physics that the shortest path between two points is called displacement. So, the shortest path algorithm is used to find the shortest path between two points. Which types of points are they? We travel on daily basis and we tried our best to choose a path which covers shortest distance and we reach as fast as possible to our destination. So the two points are initial point where we start to travel and end point where our destination is. This path is the shortest path. And algorithm…show more content…
At the start the initial node is 0.The distance from Boston to Toronto is 550 miles, Boston to Chicago is 700 miles and Boston to New York is 200miles. First he will go to New York and covers 200miles then he has two choice either go to Toronto or Chicago. New York to Chicago has less distance so he will have to choose Chicago then again he has two choices either go to Toronto or Boston. The distance between Chicago to Toronto is less than Chicago to Boston. So he will have to go Toronto first and then Boston. The shortest path to travel the whole cities is Boston, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Boston (2,000…show more content…
came up with this algorithm in 1956. That’s why this algorithm also named after their names. The main purpose of this algorithm is quite same as the Dijkstra’s algorithm. This algorithm also finds the shortest path between two nodes. But some points make it different from Dijkstra’s algorithm likewise bellman-ford algorithm works in a directed graph and it is also capable to deal with negative edges. But it is not much efficient as Dijkstra’s algorithm. Because Dijkstra’s algorithm is quite faster than this algorithm. This algorithm is also a single source to all vertices algorithm like Dijkstra’s algorithm. And time complexity for this algorithm is . After a year Edward F. Moore also published the same algorithm and this is why most of the people named this algorithm “Bellman-Ford Moore algorithm”. This algorithm is very useful in many fields like routing protocol, interior gateway and in many other

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