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Competitor analysis Undoubtedly, the downturn of China’s recent economy has curbed demand for haute couture and other high-end industry. Still, over the next three years, China’s luxury market is expected to double to more than $24 billion, taking up around 20% of the global luxury market. Sheguang Hu is a one of the Chinese brands that stands for China’s couture designers and homegrown brands are stepping out on the international stage. There are many other designers with Chinese background – from established talent with international renown, for instance, Grace Chen is showing off their wares in Paris and Milan fashion week in this year, and like Guo Pei - the designer who spent two years hand-making Rihanna's Chinese couture Met ball gown,…show more content…
Now, like Sheguang Hu, Chen is one of a handful of go-to luxury bespoke designers in Chinese Haute Couture market. Chen Yehuai is a Shanghai based Chinese-American fashion designer, her English name is Grace Chen. Grace graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and worked as a fashion designer in New York City and Los Angeles for 15 years. Her designs were seen on many famous people in the U.S., such as Oprah Winfery and Helen Mirren. In 2009, she returned to Shanghai and established her own brand, Grace Chen. Her unique style of oriental beauty was soon embraced by the female elites in Shanghai and Beijing. Grace is now regarded as one of the most influential couture designers in China. In 2015, she was hailed by the South China Morning Post as "the power dresser...who China's top achieving women turn…show more content…
I'm looking at this in a third way. If you look at designers such as Armani or Yves Saint Laurent, they use Chinese influence in their clothes, but you feel like it's some kind of decoration or exotic embellishment. But domestic Chinese designers, we emphasize carrying on a tradition … it's a big responsibility." The design and concept of Chinese couturier, like Guo Pei, Grace Chen and Sheguang Hu all want to show the Chinese based heritage and culture value to global couture field. “Expanding to the international market is always our goal,” she said. In October, 2015, Chen launched her first ready-to-wear collection this season in Paris; include the line features daywear and cocktail dresses, in order to attract the international

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