Soccer Mission Statement

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Football is a game that requires two opposing teams. These teams are trained by their club and coaches. A soccer/football team or club must have a set of different characteristics. These characteristics will ensure the development of the players and the team in order to win over their competition. The research group searched for different standards of different teams all over the world. We will now compare these standards to what we have in CSA. 1.The football club must have a clear goal and a mission statement. The mission statement will state what are things that the club needs to do in order to achieve their goal. The mission statement will represent the flow of activities that the club will offer to their team to ensure the development of…show more content…
The club leaders or coaches should offer the players and their parents to provide feedbacks on what needs to be improved and added. This will show the facilitators what they need to improve on and what they need to add. This will also show the opinions of others about what they are doing in their training and it would help the club find out if their methods are really effective and if it is really necessary. 4. The club must have open practices. This allows the players to practice freely on their own whenever they want to even without a facilitator. This can help the members develop and even make them have their own club feel as if they are all just friends playing soccer competitively. This method does not just apply to soccer but also to different sports. 5. The club must have financial support. No children should be prevented from playing because of money. An example of this is going to another location which requires money to travel. The club should be able to provide money in order for their members to participate. The club should also allow their members to use their facilities whenever they want to train by themselves. The club shouldn't make their own members pay for their facilities for their own
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