Higher Education Institution Case Study

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II. Model Vision for Higher Education Institutions : The vision statement is the expression of institution aspiration, and is based on analysis of the institution’s environment [1]. Vision statement contains the broad picture and the ultimate goal of the institution by keeping the objective of the institution in mind. The vision statement is an institution’s clear description of what it intends to become within a certain timeframe. The vision statement defines the institution’s strategic position in the future and the specific elements of that position with relationship to the mission statement. In some cases, the vision is that of one leader who is heading the campus (usually president/chairman). The vision statement provides an idea about…show more content…
Historically, a mission statement consists of detailed descriptions of the institution’s establishment, curricular performance, culture and tradition, and current services. The mission statement also includes description of what the institution intended to do to its students. Mission statement may also include comprehensive information about everything important to know about the institution. A mission statement must be precise but at the same time it should be stated in such a way to accommodate future plans, strategies, assumptions, and expectations of the…show more content…
Both students and faculty have dual nature/dual positions. The students of the higher education institution are both ‘internal customer’ and the ‘output product’ of the organization. So the mission statement should contain the strategy of the organization how it will provide quality service to create internal customers as innovators and how it will mould its students as ‘innovative finished products’. Similarly a teacher has dual role as a teacher to create innovative students and as a researcher to sustain innovation. The mission statement should stress on its strategy on how it will support a faculty in the process of creating sustainable innovative students. Thus the model mission statement is simply a purpose statement used to explains in one or two sentences what the institution seeks to accomplish, why it exists, and what ultimate result should be expected. Language in the mission statement is usually expressed using verbs in the infinitive (to increase, to improve, etc.) and also should identify any problems or conditions that will be changed [1]. The mission and vision statements represent the current and envisioned state of the institution. The strategic plan used to develop the institution bridges the gap between the two. The mission will decide the present and the vision will decide the future of the

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