Case Analysis: Tesla, Inc.

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Innovative Companies Georgio Elnar MHR 301 Tesla, Inc. Mission statement Tesla, Inc. is founded on a mission as directly quoted premised on "accelerating the world's transition to enabling sustainable energy". The company is committed to ensuring a very effective change by the technology to shape the future of the motor industry with little or no harmful effect on the environment. The company is purely based on manufacturing cars that use electric charge and solar products that use solar energy. The sustainable energy would only be possible by making products that are compatible to use the technology with other renewable sources of energy (Boons & Lüdeke-Freund, 2013). The idea has been made possible through their goal of making…show more content…
is strongly founded on making innovative business which delivers their customers with the most efficient and convenient impact. Their innovations range around making their service delivery more attractive and remain competitive in the market. The company has diversified their services and products so as to meet the demands of their customers enabling them to provide their customers with a one-stop shopping medium. Once again, adapting to the latest technologies has enabled the company to handle a variety of service provisions enabling a strong marketing strategy (Lai et al., 2014). Inc., therefore, remains a channel of choice with greater competitive advantage founded on strong…show more content…
The customers are able to make orders via online, pay and acknowledge receipt instant. The online means offers faster solution giving customers the most convenient means to handle their quests and feedback. The system is designed in such a way that the customer will be able to order and even make own selection of the service or product. The customer will be able to make a follow up through a monitoring process to be certain of the progress. This means has benefited the company in another way by cutting down on costs of advertising making the operations more efficient. The company's idea of expansion to prime cities across the United States and London gives customers the most convenient means to order and receive their services and products in an hour. The expansion aims at extending the network of customers and diversifying the facilities which can be readily delivered with the most convenient means (Alegre et al., 2013). This is aligned with the mission statement of creating value and convenience through speedy response to

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