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I have a compassion for caring for people and making their lives better; this drives my ambition to study physiotherapy at university. I have been working consistently to build: my knowledge of the course; physiotherapy as a profession; and the experience of working within the NHS. Undertaking work experience in my local hospital was a key reminder of the qualities I would need and how hard I am willing to work to ensure that every patient receives the highest level of care. Values I observed in the physiotherapists on these placements, reflected my own, in that they aim to provide exceptional and intuitive care, specific to each patient in order to relieve suffering and aid mobility. In particular, I find neurological physiotherapy fascinating as it combines science, rehabilitation and treatment.…show more content…
Selecting biology and psychology, alongside sport, has developed my knowledge of physiological processes, anatomy as well as widening my opinions and theoretical interpretations. Further enhancing my organisational skills, my subjects and undertaking the EPQ, have enabled me to reflect on my own achievements and learning styles; preparing me to work independently and manage my own workload. In addition, I have built collaboration skills through work in Young Enterprise and our school house system. Throughout the year, I have worked on my abilities to overcome difficult tasks, which will put me in good stead for the challenges to come at university. This may be pathophysiology or anatomy, or even getting to grips with the many intricate procedures of a physiotherapist. I feel my resilience and determination is shown in my academic studies and participation in activities inside and outside of school. I am very keen to learn and having played many sports from a young age, in particular football, I understand the importance of teamwork. I am versatile and open to new

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