Second Great Awakening

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The United States of America formed a government not seen very often in history. It is a government based upon the people, in which the people have a right to have a say in who rules them, and what laws are enforced upon them. In the beginning of the American Society the democratic ideals where only offered to a minority of people, people in the higher class. The fragile United States after showing the world that they are here to stay, went through many reform movements in which many ideas where questioned, and new ways of life were tried out. The Second Great Awakening, the formation of many feminist societies, abolition societies and prohibition societies, along with the increasing acceptance of people throughout the nation with disabilities,…show more content…
The basis of the United States was to form a nation in which all citizens were created equal, demonstrated in the first documents written by the United States, The Declaration of Independence. Yet only white males were seen as somewhat equals, while women and African Americans were fighting for their rights. The Engraving by Patrick Reason, is an image which clearly demonstrates the antislavery movement intertwined with the women’s right movement. The purpose of this engraving was to show a connection between the rights in which the people were fighting for, along with trying to promote equality of both African Americans and women to all other citizens of the United States. Women equality was further promoted in the Seneca Falls Declaration written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, in which very similar to the Declaration of the Independence, Elizabeth wrote out grievances and clearly explained how their rights have been violated by the people of the United States. The Seneca Falls Declaration was attended to show the country that there needs to be equality between men and women. In both the antislavery movement and feminist movement the victims just want equality to men, they want political equality, and social equality. In the southern states a clear hierarchy can be seen, and in order to promote democracy, there needs to be distinct social class system. Even religiously, equality is promoted. Charles G Finney spoke during the Second Great Awakening. The purpose for what he spoke about was to promote religion to all people, even to those who had sinned. Charles G. Finney spoke about how sinners can repent and that all people can reach salivation nobody what class system, race, or belief the person has. Many of the reform movements even tried to put together a society that was fully equal, some were successful while others were not as successful. An example of one was the Brook Farm which
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