San Diego Diversity Case Study

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The University of California, San Diego was founded on November 18, 1960. UC San Diego is the 7th oldest campus of the University of California in all 10 universities. UC San Diego has been named as the top university for the past five years based on their research, social mobility and civic engagement. UCSD has been on the top ten rank of public universities. UCSD has six different colleges, each individual college has its own requirements and traditions. Each college has an educational philosophy and is ideally affiliated with your major. UCSD offers a majority of different majors which are known as undergraduate degrees. UCSD is not just a university but also a workplace for those staff, faculty and students. UCSD offers a job…show more content…
Diversity is having a verity of different people who have from different political beliefs, religious beliefs, opinions and even life experiences within one business. An advantage of having a diversity in an organization is having many students and workers whether they are from India, Mexico, or Iraq. Or who come from a middles class family or a poverty level class family. Different race, such as Asian, African American, White or American Indian. UCSD has a high advantage because it is such an incredible diverse campus, it has students and workers from all over the world and who have different cultures. It has employees who are women and males, black and white etc. It helps avoid lawsuits from students and employees. A student cannot say they didn’t get accepted because they are black, because on 2010 UCSD had 527 and more black students (Postsecondary education commission). Students who see a high diversity rate in a university that they are enrolling in helps them feel safer in that school and adapt quicker. In which is an advantage with UCSD bring more customers/students. UCSD’s advantage with being so diversity is avoid discrimination lawsuits. Having a diverse faculty and staff helps because having employees who comes from a variety of diverse backgrounds increases the amount of different talents as well as experiences when coming…show more content…
Surface-level diversity is the differences between people when it comes to their age, physical abilities, race and ethnicity. These differences are known to being unchangeable yet easy to observe. Surface-level diversity is known to be used to stereotype, these characteristics give away the first impression of a person before anyone is able to get to know them deeper than just what they can observe. You can say that it helps distinguish a person based on their appearance. Deep-level diversity in indeed the opposite of surface-level diversity. It defines much more than just a person appearance but a person’s personality, background, attitude, ideas, learning style and much more. UCSD can use deep level diversity at its advantage by highly encouraging employees to have a morning huddle. So the employees can get to know one another. It will help employees be more social integrated, in which then that will help UCSD accomplish many goals that overall will is in the advantage of students. If students are happy then UCSD has accomplished its mission and it is a high advantage for the university. An example of surface level diversity in UCSD is that there is a high difference in age within management. There is young adults already with high management [positions and older adults with an entry level position. You have younger people who can work quicker in a high

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