Sleeping Habits Case Study

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THE SLEEP JOURNAL AND SPOON TEST NOORUL HAKIM BIN SURONO TM13-10386 TMC Academy Part 1: Article (What All Undergraduates Should Know About How Their Sleeping Lives Affect Their Waking Lives) Q: What was the most surprising thing you learned from the article? Why? The most surprising thing in which I have learned from this article is that in American, 30 million out of its 317 million of its citizens are diagnosed with sleep disorders. Those numbers are just staggering as if we were to compare it with the citizens of Singapore, the whole country would be plagued with this issue and you’ll see people falling asleep on the streets, public transports, shopping malls, beaches. The country will be known as a sleepy country where no recreation, no form of sports or events would be held as everyone is busy catching with sleep. Furthermore, the roads will not be as safe because accidents will highly occur on roads caused by drivers who fell…show more content…
Method Participants The participant of these two experiments would be the examiner himself as the experiments would require the individual to take note and record their own sleep patterns for the sleep journal and the spoon test. The participant is a 24 year old, male and is an undergraduate studying psychology. Instruments This experiment was conducted in a controlled environment. The participant was given two separate charts each for the sleep journal and the spoon test to record the time taken for each experiment. The participant was also provided with a digital clock placed on a table next to the bed to ensure an accurate recording of the timings. For the spoon test, the participant was provided with a metal spoon as well as a plate located at the floor of the room. Procedure Sleep

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