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Did you hear about blue light? Find out how it can affect you sleep Nowadays, people are drastically neglecting their health. The poor nutrition, physical inactivity, lack of sleep - these are all bad habits that lead to ruining their health. Sometimes people are not aware of the consequences that such behavior can leave. Besides, there are external factors which impact we don't feel directly, but they manifest after a longer period of exposing to them. Pollution, climate change, weather conditions - all those have an impact on us. Radiation is the silent enemy of our health. We'll explain you the effects of so-called electromagnetic radiation in the text below. The author of this article points out to the effects of blue light, which can have a harmful influence on our sleeping habits.…show more content…
They work on to a similar principle as a filter and are made of materials that are UV impermeable. You can find this eyewear protection for indoor or outdoor use. Some DIY tips how to reduce blue light at home If you have to stay awake late, then use lights in warm colors. Red or orange light has the smallest influence on your biorhythm and doesn't affect the production of the sleeping hormone. It would be the best if you forget about the phone and the computer, at least two hours before bedtime. Try to absorb as many Sun as you can during the day. Except for feeling better, the sun's rays will stimulate the production of vitamin D, which is beneficial to your health. Fresh are will purify your pores, and you’ll be able to breathe with your whole lungs. Before bedtime, ventilate the room and try to provide yourself with optimal conditions for a good sleep. These include clean bed sheets, fresh air, and a dimmed room. Get blinds or ticker curtain through which light cannot easily get through. If necessary, use silicon ear plugs and a sleeping mask, to ensure any light comes to
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