Essay On Sleeping Habits

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Adolescence is a critical role in human development next to infancy. This is a period of not just undergoing hormonal adjustments but also facing increasing responsibilities and developing one's self-esteem. This is why most of the time adolescents are busy to meet the demands of the society. Because of this, teenagers learn to flex their schedules to handle academic workload, family and friends' bonding and personal issues which obligates them to sleep even later. Teenagers who have more responsibilities in school and community activities are more likely to suffer the effects of sleepiness than those who are less involved (Carskadon, 1990). Of all this, the least priority in their schedule is sleep, which is usually the most affected and…show more content…
In fact, there is an interesting study led by Dr. James Gangwisch on how sleep can improve the teenager's memory and health. St. George School in Rhode Island normally starts their school at 8 am. When the experiment began, it was pushed half an hour later. Over the three months of observation, teenagers became happier and livelier upon getting to school. They reported that pushing the time to 8:30 am encouraged them to sleep earlier for them to have longer sleep and to have lesser time on catching sleep over the weekend. It also allowed them to have sumptuous breakfasts which added to their overall mood. Students at St. George had greater motivation and attentiveness and were reported to have more ability to concentrate. As a result, students and faculty were happy about the outcome of the experiment and decided to move the start of their classes at 8:30 am. Dr. Gangwisch also suggest that lack of sleep affects the development of teenage depression. "Adequate quality sleep could therefore be a preventative measure against depression and a treatment for depression," said Dr.
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