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Name: Johan Johnson Mrs. Alexopoulos (Period: 7) English III AP September 3, 2014 Fast Food Nation Journal Introduction Summary: Eric starts his book by mentioning the great Cheyenne Mountain which is highly secured with guards and artillery weapons. He guarantees the reader by saying that it is almost impossible to invade this private territory because of its highly guarded security. Cheyenne Mountain is technically an U.S.A Space Command Center which was developed for America's safety and after the Cold War and the Japanese bombing. At the end of the book, he surprises the reader by stating an ironic statement. Even though, it is a highly protected area, it is very easy for a fast food delivery truck to enter this region to deliver pizzas…show more content…
Karcher: he is also known as a mastermind and one of the founding fathers of Fast Food. He was given birth in Ohio, United States. He discontinued school during his teenage years as he spend most of his time working in the farm with his parents. Later in his twenties, he moved to California where he married his beautiful wife, Margaret as she herself conceived 3 children. Both of them as a family decided to buy a hotdog stand in which Carl made up his mind to start his own business. He sold hotdogs while working in his uncle's bakery store. At this time, the population of southern California began to expand rapidly as more people started to immigrate to this state in order to find new jobs, happiness and also have a better life. After the Great Depression, the economy increased, therefore many people started to buy his hotdogs. This finally made him famous and his company started to be equipped and very well established. Eventually he started to open Drive-In's Barbeque's as he got lot more happy and blissful customers. Soon or later, Carl started to compete with the McDonald brothers who were more prosperous than him which made his business collapse and shatter into pieces. But Carl never gave up as he tried his best to instill and win the competition. Inspired by the McDonald brother’s idea, he started a self- service restaurant which was truly a success. During this time, many more fast food restaurants started to open. For example, Taco Bells, Pizza Hut, KFC,

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