Skills Proficiency In Malaysia

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Recent years, one of the issues which the citizens confront is unemployment. On 12th May 2015, the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar revealed that among 400,000 unemployed individuals in Malaysia, there are consist of 161,000 graduates which aged between 20 to 24 years old. According to Kalaimagal Ramakrishnan* and Norizan Mohd Yasin (2011), it states that “Malaysian Prime Minister mentioned that only 23% of the workforce is highly skilled in year 2010. This percentage is much lower compared to other developed countries.” To turn into mature country, there is at least 37% of improvement on the composition of professional workers needed (Ramakrishnan*, K. and Mohd Yasin, 2011). The problem of skills deficiency among graduates…show more content…
The lecturers should conduct teacher-centred but not student-centred during the teaching process. Lecturers should act as knowledge presenter so that the knowledge can be delivered effectively. Besides that, lecturers should use English language as the medium in conducting their class. For example, according to Samuel Yesuiah (2015), he states that “English proficiency will improve by leaps and bounds because the medium of instruction in these schools will be in the English language.” The university academic department should consider co curriculum and the English language subjects such as public speaking and academic writing skill as the compulsory subjects that the undergraduates must take in order to reduce the problem of skills deficiency. Attending co curriculum activity is one of the best ways to enhance the graduates’ team working skills and decision making skills. Throughout this co curriculum activity, the leadership of the graduates can be identified. Governmental university has introduced a new system which is called ICGPA, the co-curriculum marks will be counted in the CGPA of university students. This system can shape the graduates with leadership other than concentrate on their academic achievement. Furthermore, the duration of the industrial training or internship should be extended from the current duration of three months to…show more content…
This problem cannot be solved immediately and the solution to curb the problem is not a panacea. All the actions on curbing the skills deficiency problem should be monitor constantly and make evaluations on the outcomes from the

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