Simple Syrup Case Study

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5.2.1 Simple syrup preparation 1. Decide the flavor and No. of units to be prepared as per production plan or requisition. 2. Carry out CIP of simple syrup tank, filter press, coating tank and all simple syrup line. 3. Weight the desired quantity of sugar and put it on the dumping platform. 4. Take sufficient quantity of heated water in simple syrup tank (e.g. 60litre for 100Kg of sugar) 5. Start agitation 6. Heat water to 700C 7. Dump the sugar 8. Heat it to 800C 9. Add calculated amount of activated carbon filter powder. 10. after 10 min add calculated amount of hyflow supercells. 11. Leave it for 20 min. 12. in the mean time dress up the filter press with 48 Nos. filter paper. 13. Take 50-60 gm/sq. coating area of Hyflow dissolve in 150…show more content…
Carryout CIP of the simple syrup tank, filter press, simple syrup lines as per CIP programme. 25. Ensure that sugar dumping and storage area to be clean after operation. Figure 4: - Syrup filtration unit 5.2.2 Cleaning and sanitation of ready syrup tank 1. Check all the utilities (steam. Air and water) are switched ON or not. 2. Complete drain the syrup which is remaining in the tank. 3. Connect the CIP unit and perform the CIP according to the programme. 4. Complete flush tank and the system with treated water to remove any residual syrup allow flush water to flow in drain. 5. Slightly open the drain valve connecting to the syrup mixing pump. 6. During CIP operation open the recirculation pump section and discharge valve and start pump manually at each stage for 2 min. 8. Thoroughly flush the equipment with treated water to remove any residual solution. 9. Flush the equipment extension with hot water to remove any syrup or other residue. 5.2.3 Preparation of ready syrup Check taste, odor, appearance and brix of simple syrup from which ready syrup is to be prepared. Start the radial jet mixing. Take out the concentrate from cold store in proper manner. Bring concentrate to ambient temperature before mixing to the simple syrup and note the batch

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