4-Methoxy Aniline Acetic Anhydride Lab Report

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Synthesis, Growth and characterization of the novel crystal 4-Methoxy aniline acetic anhydride for third-order nonlinear optical applications G. Bhuvaneswaria,c, L. Guru Prasadb, N. Prabhavathic* aDepartment of Physics, Muthayammal College of Arts and Science, Rasipuram, India bDepartment of Science & Humanities, M. Kumarasamy College of Engineering, Karur, India c*Department of Physics, Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem, 636 016, India: Abstract A centro symmetric crystal structure has been determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis of 4-Methoxy aniline acetic anhydride (MAAUH) crystals. It is mentioned for the first time in the literature for its Orthorhombic structure crystallizing in centrosymmetrical space group…show more content…
Immediately yielded brown colour compound .The precipitated synthesis compound was filtered and dried. The material was purified by recrystallization processes. Recrystallized salt was diluted by using methanol as a solvent and the temperature of the solution was maintained at 30°C in a constant temperature bath and stirred continuously to ensure homogenization of the solution. The crystal size 6x3x2 mm3 was grown by taking 3 weeks. The image of the crystal is shown in fig1.2.The reaction mechanism of the grown crystal…show more content…
The diffractometer with CuKα radiation at the wavelength 1.540598 ˚A and detected using by scintillation counter. From the diffraction analysis, the sharp intense peak shows the crystalline nature of the grown crystal[6] From the single crystal XRD studies investigate the new structure 4-Methoxy aniline acetic unhydride crystallizes in the Orthorhombic crystal system having space group Pbca which belongs to the centrosymmetric crystal structure. The MAAUH crystal structure refinements are shown in table 1. Table 2 shows the selected bond lengths and angle. Table 3 gives the hydrogen bonds for the grown crystal. Fig 3 and 4 shows the ORTEP diagram and optimized molecular structure of the MAAUH crystal. s Fig 3.1 Optimized molecular structure of MAAUH Fig 3.2 ORTEP diagram of

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