Six Core Critical Thinking Skills Analysis

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Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. Anyone can form a judgment about a topic, but the students that study to get more information about it are the ones that will be a successful student. There are many different skills for critical thinking. I believe once you start doing something a certain way you should stick with those techniques to improve your skills. There are six core critical thinking skills I use to make sure I always follow in order to make the correct decision. These six skills were developed by Dr. Peter A. Facione. They are interpretation, analysis, inference, evaluation, explanation, and self-regulation. The first skill of the six is interpretation. Using the critical…show more content…
The second critical thinking skill I use is analysis. Using analysis to critically think means to take parts of information and be able to see big picture of the information. For example in my biology class, we learned about the way ATP is formed and why it is made. Since I know ATP gives me energy when broken down its gives me a better insight into the reason for what ATP is made out of. Since I am a science major student, being able to use analysis is going to be a play gigantic role in whether or not I become a successful student. The third of the critical thinking skills is using inference. This is when you take the information about a problem that you already know and being able to find the best solution to fix the problem. This has not really came up much to me in college so far, but I am sure later on as a veterinary student I will have to take the information I know about an animal to figure out what is the problem with the patient. The fourth of the critical thinking skills is…show more content…
Well we found the answer finally and we left it at that. Now on the test we had a similar question, so I marked what I remember was right on google. It turns out I missed the question because even though the answer was right, it was not what the professor had said was the best answer choice. This made me a more successful student because it taught me when I have a question about a problem to ask the professor instead of relying on another source to help me. The fifth critical thinking skill is explanation and is also the most important out of them all. Explanation is not only being able to restate information, but to be able to go into deeper detail and still be clear about the information. This is the best critical thinking skill there is because it makes you do more than just memorize the information. It causes you to put every aspect of what you have learned to bring it together and to make sure you still understand everything you are saying. Like I explained earlier my friends come over to study for tests and we usually break up into groups. One of things we do that helps us the most is having someone else ask you a question then you have give them like an open-ended response about everything to do with that problem

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