Singaporean Core Workforce Case Study

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A strong Singaporean core workforce Our leaders believe in a Singaporean core in its workforce – this implies that we believe in providing Singaporean and Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) priority in career opportunity in career opportunities in the firm. Today, 100% of our workforce are Singaporeans and PRs however, we appreciate diversity and inclusiveness and provide fair opportunities regardless of race, gender, age and nationality. Our HR policies and practices are designed to be aligned to our philosophy of "job-fit, culture-fit". The profile of our workforce is as follow; Age Profile 40% > 29 years old 30% > 30 – 39 years old 10% > 40 -49 years old 23.33% > 50 – 59 years old 6.66 % > 60 years Gender Profile 56.66 % > Female…show more content…
We practice hot-desking, even for the directors. Leaders are accessible and approachable and they make a conscientious effort to have regular engagement sessions (e.g. coffee sessions, lunches) to understand how the employees are coping with their workload as well as their work interest to mentor them on their career development options. Through a Work-Life Committee, a series of activities related to healthy living, sports and celebrations are planned to promote team development. Some of these events are also attended by family members or spouses or partners (e.g. Family Day or Christmas). Leaders make efforts to engage the family as we know how important family support is for the staff especially during periods when the experience long hours, tight timelines and stress. When the company achieves positive financial performance, it organises an “Away Day” whereby the company closes for two business days to have fun and relax at an overseas location. This is again another opportunity for the leaders to get to know the staff in an informal…show more content…
Similarly, our Functional Competency Framework clearly defines the expected behavioural outcomes for each domain knowledge and skills for each job position. Below is an example of the functional competency matrix for our ten core consulting skills. For each functional competency, the expected behavioural outcomes are further defined. The leaders have classified these competencies into nine job families namely: Core Consulting Skills, Research, HR-OD, Service Quality, Productivity, Technological Know-How, Business Excellence Related, Marketing & Communications & Business Development and a special segment for Facilitators. We have broken the proficiency level to three levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Depending on their job family, these level is customized based on their job scope and skills required for it. Each level has a corresponding descriptor to guide the staff. Hiring

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