Comparative Educational System

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EDUC 616 Final paper Comparative analysis of two educational systems. Cases of Singapore and Finland. Lyazat Gapbassova 03.05.2015 Introduction Globalization is rapidly setting new and demanding challenges to individuals and societies alike, making the countries respond and adjust their systems to these challenges. This also refers to the educational settings, which constitute a separate conglomerate of trends and practices, making the countries compete and strive for the better education, thereby enhancing the human capital. In this perennial race for the education quality we have our own favorites – countries, which are successfully running the best educational practices, showing by their own example that it is possible to have outstanding…show more content…
This section will revolve around the teacher education in Singapore, focusing on its most salient characteristics, such as initial teacher training admission, professional development and the…show more content…
Apart from Critical Thinking, this model incorporates such concepts as “Innovation, Independent Learning, Commitment and Service” (Goodwin, 2012, p. 32). During the ITC program student-teachers are required to study on a full-time basis and must have decent grades, achieving a “cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 or C” (Goodwin, 2012, p. 33). Surprisingly, but even a C grade is hard to earn due to the very high grade standards, so as not to discredit the whole education system. One plausible explanation might be the high prestige and high demand of teaching profession in a country. Also such stringent selection guarantees that almost all students who decide to enroll in teaching will remain in teaching after having graduated the university. Another salient feature of the teacher training curriculum in Singapore is the obligatory practicum, during which student teachers are exposed to the real teaching settings. Owing to this practicum postgraduate students have an opportunity to stay in the school they underwent the practicum at (Goodwin, 2012, p.

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