Personal Narrative: The Epidemic Of Self Doubt

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As humans, as girls, as young adults, we spend too much time apologizing; living timidly, over analyzing our own thoughts and the opinions of others. I contemplated this problem - this epidemic of self doubt - as I traveled up the West Coast and into Wyoming with a group of seventeen year old girls. “Hey, how realistic is it for us to go up into the Tetons today?” As we drove in to Jackson Hole, the Teton Range hovered above us, beckoning us to come play. This was the bold and spontaneous spark that triggered the best, and longest, night of our lives. We can contribute our racing thoughts primarily to our brains. The human brain is wildly complex; designed to weigh logical and emotional responses to help us make the “right decision.” The human brain gives us not only consciousness: the ability to perceive and think, but self awareness as well:…show more content…
“Almost none” was my answer. Adrenaline propelled us from the trailhead parking lot to the trail in silence - each of us feeling the cold night air brush across our faces. Our eyes under ski hats dilated from darkness, and wide with wonder. “It’s best to make noise so the grizzly bears hear you coming” we laughed nervously. “Hey grizzly bears, here we come!” we called up the switchbacks, seemingly apologetic even in our ascent. For eight miles and six hours we were treated to moonlit basked cliffs, fresh mountain air, and a steady uphill climb. Hearts racing to pump blood to our oxygen deprived legs that raced the sunrise. At the summit elevation of 11,303 ft, 100 miles, three states, and ten mountain ranges were visible. We arrived gasping - partly from the elevation- but also in appreciation of the mountains, and of our own physical accomplishment. “Mountain Goddesses” we called ourselves. I felt complete, and satisfied, and brave as I curled up next to a boulder at the summit for a nap. Like plants, we need the right conditions to thrive. Those were

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