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MARKET-ORIENTED REFORMS IN PUBLIC SECTOR: A CASE STUDY OF LAHORE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY BACKGROUND New Public Management (NPM), a public sector reforms started from 1980’s onwards. It is formally conceptualized by Hood in 1991. United Kingdom claims to have been its birthplace; many papers and researches providing evidences from UK. These NPM reforms are widespread and the Anglo-American countries and International organizations are among its strong advocates. In many developing countries including Pakistan these Institutions have played a vital role in promulgating these reforms. The bureaucrats, politicians, consultants and private investors are held equally responsible. These reforms took over the world for about three decades in history.…show more content…
Asian Development Bank initiated reforms in Pakistan in 1998 to compensate the economic crisis in the country. In Pakistan these reforms are instigated with the aim to get better the feedback mechanism and to make the public sector operations more accountable. Also, the purpose of these reforms in the public sector institutions is to make them more effective and useful in order to meet various challenges facing the country. These challenges are declining public finance, macroeconomic crisis; terrorism and increased level of poverty has pushed the government to go after these new public management…show more content…
New Public Management is a broad and complex term that demonstrates public sector reforms around the world for about more than three decades in history. Proponents of NPM believe that it has been espoused by many dependent and independent states as it is market oriented and hence, have more focus on efficiency and effectiveness, without having any negative objectives and considerations (Costantinos). Public administration reforms under the banner of new public management have emerged in 1980’s in New Zealand, United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world. In United States it has been emerged with the focus on “reinventing the role of Government”. Initiatives concerning NPM seek to improve the customer service, decentralization, market mechanisms, integration within the agencies, and accountability for results (Rehman, 2012)

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