9/11 Short Stories

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Alex was tired when the annoying ringing of the alarm went off. He had no clue if the time was correct and he didn’t care. Today was the day he, Kevin and Father Mulrooney were heading out to search for his mami. Alex jumped out of bed and hopped into his clothes as he ran down the hall. He knocked hard on Julie’s and Bri’s bedroom door and yelled anxiously, “time to get up!” They needed to be at St.Vincent’s Church before the rioters woke up. Alex didn’t have to wait long, Julie and Bri had been up for hours stuffing their backpacks with clothes, their mother’s jewelry, and anything else of value that they could use to trade for food. Alex and his sisters ran outside to begin the five mile walk to the old church. The sky was dark gray and ashy from the volcanoes that had risen and erupted throughout New York. After two miles Julie seen a flash of red up ahead, it was a fire truck that had ran off the curvy road. They ran fearlessly up to the truck. It was covered in a blanket of thick ash. Beneath the ash were four firefighters, all four were dead.…show more content…
They all three pulled the fire fighters out of the truck. Their bodies stunk like rotten meat. Alex seen the keys that were dangling from the ignition. He turned the key, and to his amazement, the truck started! Alex jumped out, he had Julie and Bri take off the men’s jackets, helmets, and search their pockets. They found a compass, money, and pocket knives. They all three jumped in the truck. Alex never drove a fire truck before. The gears grinded as he spun the long truck out of the ditch. Fifteen minutes later they pulled up to the church with sirens blowing. Father Mulrooney, Kevin, and Father Franco came running outside with a surprised, freaked-out look on each of their

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