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The Gold Rushes: Why were they so significant in the growth and development of the Australian nation? The gold rush era of Australian history is very significant in the growth and development of Australia as a nation. It had a major impact on the economy, migration, the changing of the convict image, racism and population. As a result of the gold rushes which began in 1851 Australian life change into a more progressive and more attractive prospect for Australians and people over seas. It had significant impact on many different aspects on Australian life and helped change it's convict image. It was no longer only a penal colony but also a place for growth and development. Money was to be made and prospectors travelled from all over the world.…show more content…
His discovery led to the Australian economy booming because of all the foreign people coming to Australia to prospect for gold. A large increase of population led to major growth with good and services, hotels, shops, exports and imports. The population of Australia grew from 430,000 people in 1851 to 1.7 million people 20 years later. The constuction industry grew to cater for all the people, for example railway lines needed to be built, roads for easier access to the gold fields. Finally communication became significant which meant the first telegraph was used during that time. Migration to Australia had a significant impact and effect on Australian life. Once news spread around the world that gold had discovered people travelled from all over the world to strike it rich. The majority of migrants came from Great Britain and Victoria struggled to cater for such a large amount of people. With this large amount of people accommodation was very hard to find. Tents began to spring up where ever there was a space and it was like a tent city. It also became a very dangerous place because of an increased rate of criminal

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