Should The First Amendment Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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The First Amendment was written in 1791. The Amendment protects the rights to freedom of speech, belief, religion, and expression. Students in schools are protected by the Amendment, but they use their rights inappropriately. In the two articles, “Students Use of Social Media As Free Speech and It’s Impact on Pk-12 Public Schools by Shawn McCollough and “Do Students Still Have Free Speech in School?” by David Wheeler both contin that students can be cruel while misusing technology. They would attack anyone who made them feel out of place. Schools should limit freedom of speech of students because students are not fully developed and do not understand appropriate behavior. Students tend to not think about the consequences when hitting the…show more content…
They will do things without thinking them through causing them to get in trouble. If schools do not like something and a student gets in trouble for it is because it could have hurt the victim and you do not know what is going on in their lives. “Do Students Still Have Free Speech in School” states, “Although some administrators target cyber-bullies, others punish students whose offense is posting an online comment that the school doesn’t like”(Wheeler). The student could have posted something about the school that could get the administrators in trouble or it can put a big affect on a student causing them to be in danger. The things students say when they are furious or hurt often makes them have poor judgement and it can affect their future. Again, these students are not fully develope and do not recognize what they did and then when they do they try to reverse it. Students do this so in a way they try to learn right from wrong. “Students Use of Social Media as Free Speech Impact on PK-12 Public Schools” state, Also, because students are not yet adults and are still developing judgement, they do not consistently use social media in responsible ways, as we would expect adults”(McCollough). Since adults made the same mistakes when they were young they try to make sure students do not make those mistakes. Schools enforce this so much because if they do not the schools would not be able to maintain order. If schools can not maintain

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