Scope Monkey Trail

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Brady continues to talk about the lord while chaos incuses in the courtroom. During his big long speech Mr. Brady falls to the ground as if dead. His wife and others come to his aid. Mr. Brady is dead from a busted belly, which seems appropriate for him being obnoxious throughout the whole film. Racheal and Cates decide that they will leave town the next morning. While the movie Inherit of Wind has a lot of similarities with the Scope monkey trail. In the real Scope monkey trail ones of the biggest differences from the movie is Scope was not put in jail. He had zero jail time and he was “welcomed in Dayton both before, during, and after the trial.” The people of Dayton were pretty nice to the one being accused. The movie is that the whole…show more content…
This court case was in Louisiana and was rule on a creationism act. This act did not allow teachers to teach evolutionary theory to children that are still in grade school or that go to a secondary school unless instructed otherwise. This act was shut down by the Supreme Court. The reasons why the decided that they shouldn’t go through with is act was because is violated the first amendment. It does not help protect the academic freedom of the children. Finally the act did not enhance the teacher’s ability to teach. The court case Engel vs Vitale was in the state of New York. This court case took place in 1962. Any kind of pray was not allowed and nondenominational pray was considered unconstitutional by the government. This all started when the Board of Regents for the state of New York authorized a voluntary prayer at the begging of the school day each day. The verdict of the court case was that the students could pray if they please but the decision is unpopular with Americans today. The court case of Wallace vs Jaffree was in the state of Alabama. An Alabama law made legal that the teachers could have regular religious prayer throughout the school day and in the classroom. The main problem was if the law was a direct violation of the first amendment. In the end of the case it was decided that it was indeed a direct violation of the first amendment’s establishment

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