What Does Beauty And The Beast Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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Beauty and the Beast, Loneliness, Old Grocery Horse, Brook’n Bridge are the tittles of the photographs from Mr. McGee’s photography portfolio. The tittles of these images are reflections of major characters in the novel The Great Gatsby. By alluding to characters in this way, interpretations can be made to gain unique insights that contribute to the characterization of various personas in the text. It is my belief that the image “Beauty and the Beast” alludes to Daisy and Gatsby. Daisy is intelligent and multifaceted, but if she is branded as Beauty, the role she plays to Tom and her society is elevated. This tittle suggests that her sole responsibility is to be a beautiful wife. In contrast, Gatsby’s level of class was primitive compared to Daisy. His transformation into a sophisticated man, and how it was incited by love is similar to the Beast. Although Gatsby earns Daisy’s love, he does not gain her approval on a social level and that is why they do not end up together.…show more content…
Homosexuality in the 1920’s was regarded as a disease, and highly discouraged amongst wealthy, elitist circles. A vignette of Nick in McGee’s bedroom, with Mr. McGee sitting up between his bed sheets in his underwear is established. Fitzgerald does not explicitly address why Nick is in McGee’s bedroom, when McGee is half-naked. However, it is not unreasonable to deduce that Nick is lonely, and feels like an outsider because his society does not accept his underlying desire to be with a

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