Should Students Be Paid For Good Grades Essay

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Little Jimmy is destitute but studies hard resulting in vigorous grades. After getting an A+ on his final exam, he came home with no capital. However, Little Thompson came home with a cash bonus from another school. This is what it feels like for students in the U.S. that are not getting a cash bonus. Students should be paid bonus for good grades because it incentivizes students, and it can help students become smarter and more intelligent, and it reinforces values and reiterates the importance of responsibility and the value of money. Students should be able to get cash bonuses because it incentivizes students. For example, in the article “Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades” on, the text states, “If children are paid for better grades, they will want to do better in school. We don't have to pay children for D's…show more content…
Students will learn to cherish money and not spend it wastefully. It will also become a saving grace for college admissions. In the article “Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades” on, the author writes, “Children will also learn responsibility and the value of money; rather than just begging Mom and Dad for all the toys and video games they want, they will work harder and save up for their next purchase. Moreover, many schools have fundraisers for various charities and projects. Rather than dragging Mom across the neighborhood to sell cookies and making Dad but his coworkers to buy chocolates, the students will buy these on their own, and help the school itself.” This proclamation points to the fact that students will learn how and when to spend money. This can lead to success after school and can support the family. Also, begging for money will come to an end, because students will earn money. Overall, cash bonuses help motivate students, assist in intelligence and G.P.A., and also teaches students the value of money and

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