The Hero's Journey In The Life Of Ursula Le Guin

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Ursula Kroeber, best known in the 20th century as Ursula Le Guin, has drawn in many readers though her creation of fantasy worlds that have themes related to modern times. Born in a humble life in Berkeley, California on October 21, 1929, Le Guin was raised by writer, Theodora Kroeber, and anthropologist, Alfred Louis Korver. Built from the views of history and anthropology, Ursula Le Guin started writing sci-fi as early as the age of 12. Due to her parental influence and little exposure to religion, Le Guin mainly focused on the science aspect of the world while incorporating fantasy settings to entice readers. As Ursula Le Guin was growing up, she was often rejected by publishers until finally she was told “write what you know” and because of this continual motto, as a writer she expressed, “I know these things. I know them better than anybody else possibly could, so it’s my duty to testify about them” (Webmaster at Ursula K. Le Guin). Through the genre of science fiction, Ursula Le Guin uses her character’s hero's journey, exemplifying the struggle between the duty to oneself or for the greater community during times of…show more content…
Through her writings, Le Guin explores the topic of duty and expresses that each individual has the responsibility to be true themselves. Le Guin uses her characters hero’s journey to illustrate her life of becoming an author and the obstacles she had to face such as rejection. In her books, Le Guin not only depicts her life but the life each person will have. Throughout life, each individual is filled with struggles and hardships but amidst those trials, one can learn and grow from it. The actions a person will use are dependent on the duty they have for themselves and Ursula Le Guin implores us to consider the responsibility we have for ourselves, community, and nation. Everyone has their own hero's journey and will face experiences that will forever change

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