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I. Introduction. A. Attention: It was late in the evening when John Spencer, a single parent who was staying with his daughter collapsed as he yelled for help from her daughter. While her father was still responsive, Susan called 911. However, her father became unresponsive while the emergency medical personnel were still on their way. He had a sudden cardiac arrest and because she did not know how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), she could not help her father before the arrival of the EMT. When the EMT arrived, they started CPR with advance cardiac life support. Although her father responded and was taken to hospital, he was pronounced dead minutes later as a result of multiple organ failure. On a different instance, a 4year…show more content…
Thesis statement: Everyone should learn to administer first aid and CPR D. Credibility statement: As a health care professional I have come to appreciate the importance of first aid and CPR in saving lives. E. Preview of the main point. I am going to elaborate on why everyone should learn these techniques. (first aid and CPR) Transition: A. Need: According to The American Red Cross Association, drowning is on the top list of causes of accidental death for children ages 1 through 4. 1. One minute is simply all it takes for children to drown. 2. Eighty eight percent of Cardiac Arrests occur at home. a. Only sixty four percent of Cardiac Arrest victims survive simply because those who witness the incident do not know how to perform CPR. b. Over two hundred thousand individuals die of sudden cardiac arrest yearly. Of these, fifty thousand deaths could be prevented each year. B. According to the American Heart Association, seventy percent of Americans feel inadequate to take action during a cardiac emergency because either they do not know how to perform CPR, or their skill has lapsed significantly. 1. These statistics combined should make you think. a. Since eighty eight percent of cardiac arrests occur at home, it is very likely that the life you save with CPR is that of someone dear to

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