Eight Major Obstacles To Late Start School

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Late start school effects teen’s sleeping habits, schedules and after school activities. Late start school has bad effects on kids from 1st grade to high school. Late start will cause kids to go to bed at a later time and wake up later in the morning making the same sleeping habits. Late start school is a lousy idea because it can cut into after school schedules. In the Eight Major Obstacles to Late Start School article in paragraph 9, it talks about teens that have jobs after school to help support their families. If late start school were to happen, the schedules might be affected to where they have to work after-hours when they need to be asleep for a healthy lifestyle. Participation in any after school activities might be jeopardized too. I feel like after seeing the facts about late start school jeopardizing after school schedules,…show more content…
In the Eight Major Obstacles to Delaying School Start Times article, the writers state facts about after school hours. If late start were to happen, the morning time would be more abundant and everyone thinks kids will get more sleep, but that is not true. Most kids think that if they have more time in the mornings they can go to bed later. The hours after school for kids to play, be outside, or even enjoy being a kid would be gone because parents would worry for them if they are outside while it’s dark. With that being said, late start is a totally awful idea. Students with extra curricular activities after school have a certain schedule and late start could ruin that schedule. More sleep would surely benefit kids in a healthier lifestyle but most wouldn’t take advantage of the extra time for sleep but for time to just stay up later. Late start school is a horrendous idea because it can cause transportation issues, cut into after school schedules and will have the same effect on sleep for most

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