The Lottery By Eric Friedman Analysis

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Many people have been donating their hard earned money into charities, but the question here is, Is the charity the person donated to worth his hard earned money? Hard earned money isn't just something a person just gives away for no reasons, there is always a meaning behind every penny a person is giving away. Most of the time people donate their money because of charities, they want to help the world to fix a major problem that is bothering themselves. In the text, “Why I Don't Give To Holiday Toy Drives Each December” by Eric Friedman, where Friedman explained how when donating to a charity, there are three rules to it. “How important is the problem they are trying to solve, How effective are nonprofits at addressing the problem, and How…show more content…
It is wrong to put a price on the solutions. Especially when it comes to donating, a person shouldn’t worry about how much he’s donating, but rather worry about what he can do besides donating to impact the charity. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to donating. Many can volunteer to a charity to help out, this can benefit the individual in the long term as well as their career. Many companies looks for volunteering in the resume, so getting involved with charity isn't a bad thing at all. And according to Steve Higgins from dimespring, he stated that “society repays you with a nice deduction from your taxes for most charitable donations, but you need to have proof” (Higgins 5). This can actually benefit lots of family members when they're filing their taxes, it cause save some money while showing some love to the charity. Some of other few rules people should keep in mind is that, the people that are donating should ask themselves that when will the charity show their results of what they have accomplished with all of the donations. It is critical for the person who donated to see results of what the charity has accomplished. It gives the him a satisfying feeling when he knows that he did something astonishing to help the world into a better place to live in. While another question that when the person is donating, is that they should do some research on how well the reputation of the charity is. Many of the popular charity becomes popular by proving to the people that they’ve actually accomplished something, which goes back to my point. While the charity is popular and has a good reputation, then the person who is donating don’t have to worry too much of thinking about their money is going to spend by the greedy people that works within the

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