Minimum Wage Persuasive Speech

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Introduction Imagine struggling day by day with little to eat, having little money to account for, and constantly living in a high stress environment Many of us have been employed where we have been tasked with only menial jobs which in turn only gives out low pay This may affect negatively on our livelihood, especially if you are the main source of income in your family. To help to alleviate this, as a country, we should increase the minimum wage from $7.50 to approximately $15 Today I will talk about why minimum wage is a problem in today’s society, a personal proposal into how we can take action, and any positive outcomes if this plan is implemented. I will first explain the problems with minimum wage today. In today’s economy, many people…show more content…
So the employer would keep unemployment in low-wage brackets higher than it would be. (Gillikin) Minimum wages may affect a persons willingness to work when labor is deducted from an unemployment benefit. According to Paul Kersey, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, "the more relief [unemployment benefit] that is offered, the less incentive there is to work. In effect, one works for the difference between potential wages and relief”. (Gillikin) For example, if the relief is $106 per week, and the offered wage is $110 per week, then in real terms, the individual is being asked to work for only $4.00 per week. (Gillikin) Because the increase in net income is small when working full-time at minimum wage, compared with working zero hours and receiving a unemployment check, it would be better to not work There are various ways that we can help to increase minimum wage even…show more content…
In doing this you should already have a following with you and you must have valid and thought out reasons into why an increase in wages may help the employees and the company Now I will go onto the positives that may come out of this. An increase to the minimum wage will overtime have profound effects on the country in a positive way An increase in minimum wage may help in further stimulating a recovering economy This will also increase consumer spending without any state and federal budget cuts Spending accounts for about 70% of the economy so the increase will increase demand, production, and may create more jobs. (Klassen) Contrary to some claims in the government, an increase in wages wouldn’t have a negative effect on the businesses in most cases if handled properly. (Sabia) Raising wages reduces costly employee turnover and increases productivity. (Sabia) When (If) the minimum wage goes up, employers can enjoy these benefits of paying higher wages if all goes well The companies would not be put at a disadvantage, since all companies in their field are required to do the same.

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