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Imagine how many people are spending money without any interest while others are claiming to study because they do not have money. For this and other reasons, people argue that higher education should be free. In the article “Why All Public Higher Education Should Be Free” by Samuels, the author claims that there are some reasons universities and colleges should cost nothing. The author explains that in some universities, the authorities are taking money from the students, but students are not graduating at “for-profit schools” (Samuels). He includes that, because many students do not have enough money to pay for their studies, they have to work and study at the same time; as a result, they spend less time studying and fail in their classes. In addition, if higher education would be free, the rate of jobless people would diminish, and people might be more satisfied with their lives (Samuels). Granted, some people declare that…show more content…
In addition, the pieces of evidence given by the author are not enough to advocate the claim and the conclusion; he could give more details. Samuels concludes that people who need to work while they studying often do not get acceptable grades to pass in classes. The author gave some wonderful pieces of advice, but his details are not strong enough to support this conclusion; he could argue about other important factors that have impeded people to attend universities. Samuels focus more on “for-profit schools” and students who work and study at the same time, but there are other important things to consider about free

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