Catholic Church In The 5th Century Research Paper

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HIST: CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE 5TH CENTURY Student’s Name Course Date Catholic Church in the 5th Century The role of the Catholic Church developed from the 3rd century C.E. as the European powers developed. The Germanic people started moving into the Roman Empire lands during this period and overtook Roman Empire (Western) politically and planted a number of states governed by German Kings. The union of Roman and Germans formed the Germanic Kingdoms. After the Roman armies left Europe at the beginning of the 5th century, the Saxons and Angles settle there. At the close of the 4th Century, Christianity had rose to be the prevalent religion in Europe. During the formal breakup of the Roman state, the church led the growth of new European civilization. One Germanic King named Clovis was won over to Catholic Christianity around 500. He was the pioneer German ruler to convert to Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church supported Clovis because he believed that Jesus was indeed God, unlike other members of the Arian sect of Christianity. Christianity was banned from Europe after Christ’s death in 33 AD up to the 4th century. The ban was lifted in 337 AD after Emperor Constantine II rose to power. After the break of Roman Empire into Western and Eastern Rome, Christianity remained in Western…show more content…
However, Catholicism went on spreading and increasing its power. It had rose to be the most dominant religion in Europe by the mid-14th century, the Renaissance period. Most Europeans strictly followed Catholicism teachings until the Renaissance period. Many of the people lacked enough exposure beyond the Catholicism teachings because science was not well understood. The Church teachings were rarely challenged. Those who spoke against the teachings or the Church were labeled heretic (the unorthodox receivers) and were subjected to extreme punishments such as being burned in

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