Can There Be A Feminist Science Helen E. Longino Summary

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Introduction: In the essay “Can There Be A Feminist Science?” by Helen E. Longino, she argues that feminist science can eliminate the bias in and produce a gender free science. Longino begins with saying that science is a male dominated area and that there are a few women in that area. The few women that are there are devalued and they haven’t been fully equal. Then she provides the feminist standpoint and continues on to say that science should be gender free, that would give everyone an equal status and the feminist would provide different viewpoints to particular sets of experiments. In this essay, I shall argue that there shouldn’t be a feminist science. But there should be an equal chance for everyone and that it shouldn’t matter if you are a woman or a man. It shouldn’t matter who you are, as long as you are good at your job, then you wouldn’t have to worry about not getting the same respect. Summary:…show more content…
Science is male dominated in the world, they are the ones who come up with the scientific information, while woman are not quite known in the area. Feminist share a common understanding that women have been devalued and denied full equality historically. Longino, continues on to say that feminist science can “eliminate the bias and produce a better, good, more true or gender free science” (Longino 8). Also, that they should not wait, since they are in danger of working unconsciously with assumptions with certain values that they seek to change. This “new” science should be more of a dialectic evolution and more established science. Longino proposes that abandoning the idea that examination will yield a seamless web of knowledge can do this. The second step is to go through a certain field and to try to understand what is not stated and the core assumptions and how they are

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