Plagiarism And Paraphrasing Analysis

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Summary Report on Plagiarism and Paraphrasing Way back in first century, the Roman poet Martial used the Latin word plagiarius (which means kidnapper) to describe pilfer somebody’s work as his own work. Later on, in 1601, Ben Jonson introduced word “Plagiary” in the English language, which usually means guilty for pilfer.[7][9] Plagiarism is described as the wrong way of showing other author work as his own original work. Sometimes, even it can be idea, thoughts, language or may be expressions for that instance.[1][2] Plagiarism is offence in academic which in turn shows the dishonesty and it’s a breach of journalistic ethics. It may lead to penalties, suspension and even in some cases expulsion when it comes to institutions. In recent times its been reported that high number of extreme plagiarism is been spot.[6][16][17] A paraphrase is a way of presenting the same meaning of sentence in the other words. Paraphase may need not require a direct quotation. Paraphrase tries to hold the meaning of sentence and puts in the different form of words for in detail understanding and expressing thoughts. According to the Irving Hexham, paraphrasing without providing the actual citation of the proper source and excessive paraphrasing even after source is mentioned without providing new information is also considered as…show more content…
If someone commits plagiarism in journalism then it is considered as breach of journalistic ethics. And the reporter needs to face the disciplinary measures it may be suspension or termination of employment on the basis of the severity of plagiarism. Some people always try to take excuse by saying that they never did knowingly or they were unaware of this instance. Some people fail to add necessary citation and quotations. But the advent of internet and technology have made this online plagiarism more easier and faster than those old days before the

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