Ragging Case Study

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CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION 1.1. INTRODUCTION: “We want that Education which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet” Sri Swami Vivekananda stated the aim of our education. By this there is a need to provide guidance to the students while studying and before passing out from the colleges which will strengthen our education system and bring out the hidden knowledge and skills to shape the future of students. According to Dr. Sarveypally Radhakrishnan “Character is destiny and the future of a nation will be created in class rooms”. So in order to build a good nation, the character of students should be developed properly and they have to be guided well to become good…show more content…
one can evaluate the need of counselor and how much he can help the system and which type of role a counselor can play in student career. The research may provide the counselor some idea about the how to deal with counseling. The study about the places which all prone to ragging etc., will be very much useful for the counselor, when handling the cases. The psychology and mental status of the perpetuator and victim of ragging may suggest a better handling of the case than the existing method. Hence the researcher has chosen the topic as A STUDY ON THE NEED OF COUNSELOR FOR CAREER GUIDANCE AND TO PREVENT RAGGING. 1.5. OPERATIONAL DEFINITIONS: COUNSELOR: certified/licensed professionals with a masters’ degree or higher in career counseling or the substantial equivalent and are uniquely qualified to address the developmental needs of all students according to his social, economical conditions and motivates him towards success. Literally the person called as a Psychologist. COLLEGE LEVEL: Both the Graduation and Post Graduation levels. CAREER GUIDANCE: Helping the student in selecting the courses and subjects according to his Interests, abilities, attitude, aptitude, skills, intelligence, capabilities, level of aspiration and helps in understanding himself and his…show more content…
PERIOD: The researcher has to conduct the research in five years. APPLICABILITY: The research work is applicable to the all educational institutions. 1.9. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY: AREA: The researcher is limited to the selected colleges which are offering Graduation and Post Graduation as traditional and professional courses in both the Marathwada and Telangana regions of Maharashtra and Telangana states. SAMPLE: The study is restricted with the limited sample. THEME: The research work is limited to the theme of analyzing the need of a counselor for career guidance and prevention of ragging. PERIOD: The researcher has limited to conduct the research in five years. 1.10. DELIMITATION OF THE STUDY: The researcher delimited the area of the study as Nanded district in Marathwada region and Naziabad district in Telangana region of India. And also 1. The study will not consider the geographical various like rural, urban and tribal regions. 2. The study will be free from social variables like caste, category, race and religion etc. 3. Findings will be applicable to the other subjects. 4. Result will be useful for the other levels of education

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