Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms In Schools

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Rebecca Lake, a freelance Investing & Retirement reporter, stated to CreditDonkey, “When you run the numbers on how many schools require uniforms, it adds up to a tidy sum. There are just under 27,000 public schools and nearly 14,000 private schools that do so.” With school uniforms, students wear a specific outfit that the school says to wear, while people who do not use school uniforms wear regular clothes and wear whatever they would like as long as it is school appropriate. School uniforms should not be used in schools because they do not gain self expression, don’t stop bullying and cost more money. It has been argued that some may think that people can still express themselves with school uniforms. David L Hudson Jr, a law professor,…show more content…
David L Hudson also stated to, "Ditching school uniforms would not only cost parents more money, and would be a bad idea all around.” On the other side, school uniforms are actually more money. Thomasine F-R, a newspaper writer, stated to The Guardian, “The rising number of "academies" and "free schools" could push costs still higher as pupils have to wear distinctive uniforms, available only from specialist shops.” This quote proves that if schools require one type of shirt or one type of pants specifically then people will have to pay more than they need to to have shirts ordered from special shops. Ordering from a special shop will make make people pay more money than they could have paid for regular clothing. Parents already have to pay school, or sports fees so their is no reason why they should have to pay more money for clothes a child would ever wear outside of school. The Children's Commission on Poverty, an organization that helps kids in need, reported to, “Parents already pay taxes, and they still need to buy regular clothes for their children to wear when they're out of school and for dress-down days.” This data demonstrates that regular clothes are important because when you want to go out to eat or do something with your family you would have to wear regular clothes. So parents would be paying for school uniforms and regular clothes but if you didn’t have to wear school uniforms then parents would just have to pay for normal clothes, and not the uniforms. It would cost parents less if they just had to pay for typical

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