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"We have a racially based justice system that over-punishes, fails to rehabilitate, and doesn't make us safer.” - Piper Kerman (Orange Is the New Black). Today, Canadian Criminal Justice System is using retribution to punish criminals. However if we only punish criminals, they’ll commit crime again. Therefore, Canadian Criminal Justice System should be more concerned with rehabilitation to reform and improves offenders. There’s no point putting deviant members in to a jail without letting them understand and correct their deviant behaviour. It is better to let them understand and improve to fit in the society. Also, it is possible to resocialize deviant member in the society by using rehabilitation method. Firstly, if we just lock offenders in jail, after a short period of time when the offenders is released, offenders will commit crime again. Since, when they were in the jail they didn’t improve or understand the value and belief of this society. It will be like putting a lion in the zoo within a certain time period, after the lion is released the lion is going to kill other animals again. Also, after punishment some people may behave more inappropriately than before. The only things that jail will do is to protect us in a certain period. Therefore, Canadian Criminal Justice System should be concerned with rehabilitation.…show more content…
Although rehabilitation cost more than retribution, if they’re going back to the prison again and again, we are still spending our money on it once again. Also, since the prisoners go back the jail over again, plus the new prisoner the jails are starting to warehousing. After rehabilitate them, they can fit in to the society more quickly and the chance that they’ll commit crime again will be lower. Therefore, rehabilitation is advisable for Canadian Criminal Justice

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