William The Conqueror's Impact On Medieval Society

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2. Introduction The main focus of this report will be on the Dooms day book and the author of the book, William the Conqueror. It will focus on the life of William and how and when he wrote the book. It will also clarify the how the book impacted the Medieval society. 3. William the Conqueror He was the duke of Normandy at age 8, King of England in 1066, Military Leader and a Pilgrim. (Bio.com, Page 1) There is no doubt that William the Conqueror (figure 1) was a successful man. It all started when he was born in 1028 in Falaise, Normandy, France. He had an illegitimate birth that earned him the nickname “William the Bastard.” Violence was involved in his childhood this impacted on his life and an adult. He is the son of Robert I and Herleva. He was the…show more content…
This book is not your average twilight series as it contains historical facts and evidence. The book was written between 1085 and 1086. The book was originally written in “Medieval Latin” (figure 3) and was highly abbreviated. The book is about the land of England and parts of Wales, giving our present historians a lot of information of who owned the land and how the land was maintained. Although it contained information about the lands, its main purpose was to assess the wealth of England to aid the system of taxation. More than 13000 places made a feature in the Domesday Book. The Domesday Book provides a vast amount of information for those who want to build up a picture about the life in England under the Normans. However, because it was compiled by humans, and because most of them were illiterate, it is riddled with mistakes, inaccuracies, omissions and confusion. Not all of the information can be understood, like the very first sentence. Most of the information was collected by royal officers who then gave the information to William the

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