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Format for Persuasive/Opinion Essay For the past few decades, the idea of allowing college athletes to take endorsements has been a major controversy in the NCAA. An endorsement, in sports, is when a company offers deals to players they believe are “talented, smart and charismatic enough to represent their business”. While many argue that the athletes should have the right to accept money and other benefits, the NCAA has given athletes many advantages and the players have been receiving indirect compensation that is appropriate. College athletes should not be able to take endorsements. Student athletes receive money though scholarships, and an additional income is unnecessary. Many NCAA players receive full scholarships, which are worth more than $100,000 every year. $80,000 of the $100,000 goes to food, room, and tuition, while the other $20,000 goes towards equipment and transportation fees. If the athlete stays in school for 4 years, the total would be $400,000. To be able to fund these scholarships, the university needs to be able to sell jerseys and other products. If the athlete is able to take endorsements, the university will no longer be able to do so. The majority of money that teams make eventually go to the…show more content…
Speaking at a Town Hall Los Angeles meeting in February 2011, NCAA President Mark Emmert said “They are our students, so we don't pay them; which is true. If the athlete’s intention was to make money, professional sports is always an option after college. Right now, the university they are attending, and the NCAA is taking care of all expenses for the athlete, so instead of worrying about endorsement deals, they should be working on getting smarter and improving their skills so they can be more successful in life after college. College is already a very stressful place, being an athlete that has to deal with endorsement deals may be too much to handle for many

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