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Why am I applying for the position of Executive Sergeant? I am applying for the position because as a team Sergeant I am ready to further myself as a team leader in order to aid the post and its various members. The position of Executive Sergeant will help me in many ways. But a few of the aspects would include, responsibility, leadership, and teamwork. An Executive Sergeant is a member of command staff and must be a team player, a leader, and a responsible role model. I am not perfect at the previously listed, but the position as command sergeant would allow me to further myself in those characteristics. One of the main reasons I have had applied for the position was to further myself in working closely with the entire post and the command…show more content…
I am fair, friendly and a great mentor. As an Executive Sergeant I am able to discipline a member accordingly if need be in a way that they can improve themselves and learn in the process. For example, as a team player and leader if push-ups are issued for whatever reason and no matter the amount given, I will be next to them doing the pushups also. How will I strive to improve myself in the new position? As an Executive Sergeant I can improve myself in many key ways. For example, I have to work with the entire post and its coordinator on a command staff level. Improvement in my responsibilities will improve due to the ranks job description. I also can improve myself in many more ways, but one of the most important in my opinion is, the improvement as a leader. Moreover, there are no changes that I personally would like to see done to the post, but as a command staff member it would enable me to work more in-depth with all the explorers and I could communicate will the mass of members and find out what changes they would like to see. How can we improve the communication between Explorers and team leaders? In my opinion on the communication aspect, it all relies on the team leaders and how willing they are to reach out to their members. There is really no improvement besides how and when the team sergeants

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