How Did Charlemagne Influence Medieval Society

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2. Introduction The focus of this report will be of Charlemagne, how he became king, how entertainment and play came about in the medieval century with the role of significance that it held, and also the impact of this role in that century. 3. Charlemagne A ruler who was worshiped by many, Charlemagne (figure 1) the king of the Franks is known for his famous role in creating the feudal system but is also well known for his impact on the medieval society with the role of entertainment and play. Born in Aachen, Francia 742, his father who was properly known as ‘Pepin III’ was the ruler of the Franks at the time when Charlemagne was born, and long before that period. The structure of Charlemagne’s family was rather great, with his mother Bertrada of Laon, but when Charlemagne’s father died in 768, his kingdom was divided between his two sons. For three years, Charlemagne ruled the empire alongside his younger brother, Carloman. As expected, the two brothers did not get along since each wanted to take over and fulfil their expectation in being individual ruler of The Franks. (…show more content…
The solemn day this occurred, it was pleasurable for Charlemagne as his brother’s death left him to be the only ruler of the kingdom, which in glory, made him king of The Franks. He used the power he had wisely, and used it well, while increasing his strength. Through his time he was a great military conqueror, and he helped the Franks to defeat the invaders that tried to cross their kingdom. He conquered the Lombards, acquired Bavaria, and he campaigned in Spain and Hungary. He came to a stand with the Saxons, and vanquished them altogether while destroying many other

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