Healthcare Informatics Personal Statement Essay

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I have been in the Healthcare Industry for over 10 years and I want to continue my academic study in Healthcare Informatics. I have been inspiring to undertake graduate studies in Healthcare Informatics at Florida International University since I relocated to Miami Florida. I want to study Health Informatics in order to develop my educational knowledge in working as a Healthcare IT professional. I graduated with an Associate’s degree from Borough of Manhattan Community College with a major in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College with a major in Business Management Finance. I started my career at Health Insurance Plan (HIP) of New York were I worked as an Administrative Assistant. As an Administrative Assistant I…show more content…
I worked for Simply Health Care Plans as a Business Analyst were I was a liaison between the business units and IT. I developed processes to automate the flow of data between AHCA, CMS and the organization business units. I also worked on contract at Baptist Health Systems where I created reports using Microsoft Management Studio for the Financial Service department. Now, I am at Florida International University College of Medicine. Since, I been in the healthcare industry for over 10 years I feel that I should gain some education experience in the Healthcare IT sector. I love working in Healthcare IT and it is a very innovative industry. America has realize the importance of continuous innovation. An important factor of acquiring a healthy future in healthcare for America relies on connecting improvement in health IT. My love for healthcare and IT has evolved over the years working in the industry and I know with the education skills in Healthcare Informatics it will allow me to utilize my skills and abilities to assist in making a bright future in Healthcare IT. I believe that the Health Informatics program will increase my value in my current position and better align myself with my

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