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Clinical Question: Do teenagers with sickle cell disease experience true pain or are they simply dependent on pain medications? Thesis Statement: In order to comprehend teenagers’ pain levels, we must understand the sickle cell disease itself. By recognizing the signs, symptoms, and pain management of sickle cell disease patients, education on pain management can be improved in regards to patients, their families, and health caregivers. I Learn the Sickle Cell Disease and identify the cause. A. Sickle Cell Disease is a serious genetic disorder affecting the red blood cells specifically the hemoglobin B. Hemoglobin S (abnormal hemoglobin) causes sickle cell disease by interrupting the the blood flow and delivering less oxygen to body tissues. II Recognize the symptoms of Sickle Cell Crisis in teenagers who end up…show more content…
When sickle cells clog, they do not receive enough oxygen and this causes pain. Pain episodes can be prevented by avoiding the triggers such as lack of sleep, not drinking enough fluids, stress, and smoking. B. Sickle cells clog the blood vessels in the spleen causing the damage and poor protection against infection. Infection can be prevented from good hygiene and up to date immunizations. C. Due to the nature of the disease, treatment follow ups with doctors must be emphasized. D. Sickle cell disease has complications which include stroke, avascular necrosis, acute chest syndrome, retinopathy, priapism and osteomyelitis. Treatment options are hydroxyurea medication, red blood cell transfusions and bone marrow transplants. IV Education on Pain Management to Teenagers and Families A. Treat mild to moderate pains promptly to prevent severe pain episodes. B. Follow the directions on the oral opiods to reduce the feeling of pain. C. Learn distraction techniques such as playing video games or talking on the phone to control the pain. V Education on Pain Management to Health Care

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